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Viking JV Recruiting Package

JVs Are Better Than Paid Ads!

Traditionally, JVs or Joint Venture Partners, simply referred to people who came together to cooperate and share in a business venture. Today, especially in the Internet Marketing (IM) world, it means something a little different. “JV” has become shorthand for “affiliate”, or someone who sends traffic to your offer and is paid a commission for each sale they make.

Frankly, this has caused a little confusion because, even in IM, you can still have a JV partnership in the traditional sense. For example, if you have a video course and ebook you created, but no skills or means for getting it online, you could partner with someone who will do the web design and development and split profits 50/50. The fact that those two JV partners will usually start recruiting “affiliates” to drive traffic to their product while calling those affiliates “JVs” makes things even more confusing, especially when you consider that those two JV partners split profits AFTER payouts are first made to “their JVs” (affiliates). This happens all the time in IM and so it’s difficult to know what a person means when they say “would you like to be my JV?”. But today, for whatever reason, 9 times out of 10 a person simply means affiliate. Frankly, conflating the terms was a horrible mistake on the part of the IM community.

Package includes:
• Viking JV Recruiting eBook
• Viking JV Recruiting Video Tutorials
• Viking JV Recruiting Audio Tutorials
• Viking JV Recruiting Report

We Told You Not To Buy This Product Because...

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JV Spawner

Get Loads Of Affiliates To Promote Your Software
Or eBook, Even If Your Sales Copy Totally Sucks!

Now You Can Take The Proven Strategy Used By Hundreds
Of The Internet's Most Successful Software Companies
And Combine It With The Power Of One Of The Most
Effective Affiliate Marketing Solutions Ever Devised!

You probably already know that writing good, effective sales copy can be really hard.

In the space of a single web page, you have to convince your prospect that you are offering a valuable product, worthy of their hard-earned cash.

Many online marketers have NEVER mastered this technique and probably never will.

With good copywriters charging thousands of dollars - and usually offering no guarantees of success, you may be thinking that there's just no easy way to market your own product on the Internet.

However there is a solution - and it's already being used by hundreds of companies and generating Millions of Dollars in Profits.

This powerful solution is actually nothing new. In fact, it's quite simple...

"You let the customer try your product for FREE before they buy it"

With this solution, you don't have to convince your buyer that your product is worth their money - or offer money-back guarantees to try and win their confidence.

All you need to do is give them a trial version of your product which stops working after a certain period of time. They can then try the product for themselves without cost or risk.

There's NO hard selling, NO refunds and NO hassles.

What's more there are many sites on the Internet where you can advertise the trial version of your product completely FREE, generating additional business with virtually zero effort.

All you need to take advantage of this powerful selling solution is a way to create a trial version of your product.

Click Here To Read More!



Simple Joint Venture Secrets

How Much Do You Know About Joint Ventures?

It's Time to Discover The Inside Secrets
About Building Business by Leveraging Others!

If I could show you how to generate an income by leveraging other businesses in your niche would you be interested?

Imagine for a second you had created your dream online product or business. You have painstakingly created your masterpiece and it's ready to go! Your confidence is high when you go to open the cart... Then..

Nothing... No sales, no traffic NOTHING!

There is Only One Way to Make Online Sales!

What most online business owners fail to realize is that businesses don't automatically create revenue once they are online. It's not a physical bricks and mortar business which has passing trade and word of mouth. Your online business has to be found and this is something that 99% of new businesses don't get.

There is only one way to make sales and that is with TRAFFIC. Simple traffic generation is the key to making an online income to sustain your online business. But how simple is simple traffic?

Traffic is expensive and if you don't know what you are doing it can be very expensive and counterproductive. So what do you do?

Seek out free traffic?

Unless you want to spend countless hours fighting for the scraps of free traffic with others we recommend giving this a miss. It is possible but who wants a full time JOB generating free traffic. Remember you have a business to run.

So what's next?

Leveraging Affiliate Partners to Build Massive Income!

Affiliate partnerships are one of, if not the best way to generate huge online incomes online. Not only can you make a ton of cash in a very short space of time, you get to build a huge following in the process.

This is what we want to show you today with Simple Joint Venture Secrets. In this report we want to show you:

• Joint Ventures Exposed
• Joint Venture Success Formula
• The Step by Step Joint Venture Process
• Fast tips on Generating Partners
• How to build Relationships
• Finding the Right Business
• And much, much more!

Package includes:
• Simple Joint Venture Secrets eBook
• Graphics
• Sales Page
• Squeeze Page
• 25 Articles

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JV List Builder

How You Can Get Loads Of Other
Marketers To Promote Your List,
Without Paying Them A Single Cent!

This Amazing Software Automatically Creates
Everything You Need For Your Own Highly
Lucrative List Building Joint Venture!

Just about every marketer on the Internet will tell you that if you want to succeed online, you must have your own newsletter or mailing list.

The problem is that building a decent size list through your own site requires a lot of traffic.

If you don't get much traffic, it'll take a very long time to recruit enough subscribers to make serious money from your business.

There is however a way to solve this problem.

You just need to get other people to promote your newsletter for you!

There is a well-established solution for doing this without having to pay these people anything.

This solution is called a "Joint Venture" or JV.

With a JV, a small group of newsletter publishers agree to promote each other's newsletters.

You promote your JV partners' newsletters to your subscribers, in exchange for them promoting your newsletter to their subscribers.

Everyone gets more subscribers and all at no cost.

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Easy Mobile Squeeze Pages (Part 5)
[2 Squeeze Pages In 5 Stylish Variations]

Now You Can Capture 200% More Leads With These
New, Drop-Dead Gorgeous Mobile Squeeze Pages!


If you think people on mobile devices are going to opt in to your "clunky looking", desktop style squeeze pages, please consider something...

If you ever tried to type something on a mobile device, you may find it to be much more difficult than doing it on a laptop. Additionally, if the website you're loading is super small (not mobile optimized) with a text size of 5 pixels... you may just bounce back right away...

Well, that's what your mobile visitors may be doing right now for YOUR websites!

And seriously, you can't ignore this GROWING trend.

47% Emails Are Now Opened On A Mobile
Devices In Comparison To Desktop 28%!

Grab 2 High-Converting Squeeze Page Templates Perfectly Optimized For Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Devices!

• Squeeze Page 9: Majesty Bulb In 5 Stylish Variations
• Squeeze Page 10: Wood Le Beau In 5 Stylish Variations

Here's Why You'll Absolutely Love Easy Mobile Squeeze Pages:

• Get 2 Unique Mobile Squeeze Pages (Each In 5 Stylish Variations!) - Enjoy these monster-converting squeeze pages optimized for desktop, mobile & tablet devices. Now you can convert 47% extra traffic with no extra work required!
• Designed In The Newest HTML5/CSS Standards - I made sure that all the templates are coded perfectly with all the newest standards in mind. Lots of research went into this to make sure your pages will load great every single time!
• Work Flawlessly In All The Major Web Browsers - I did all the hard work optimizing and testing each template in all the major web browsers. Now you can have a peace of mind that all the work was done for you.
• Start Building A Cash-Spewing Email List! - As you may have heard: "the money is in the list". It's indeed the truth and I'm making hundreds of dollars every single day by sending simple emails. Now, these groundbreaking mobile squeeze pages can become a true catalyst to your list building success!
• Hassle-Free 1-Minute Customization - editing these premium 'done-for-you' squeeze page templates is fast & easy. You may need to change the text on the pages (no Photoshop required) and integrate it to your favorite autoresponder. But no worries, it's super simple and a video training explains how to edit those in literally seconds! No technical skills are needed.
• Works With All Autoresponders - all the squeeze pages are pre-populated with a default web form code from Aweber. That means that integrating the templates to Aweber takes just changing few variables in the code. Still, these squeeze pages can be integrated with ANY autoresponder. I provided an additional video training how to integrate it with Getresponse.
• Eyeball-Smacking Design For Maximum Conversions - All the templates feature latest trend "guru style" squeeze pages, minimalistic style and fabulous blurred backgrounds. All the big companies are using the "new" style and I've incorporated only the best ideas to get you the highest conversions humanly possible!
• Eliminate Outsourcer Delays - do it yourself quicker with no more headaches! Create exactly what you want and how you want. Have a full control over your business!
• Save Money Smartly - forget about hiring expensive graphic designers & web developers
• Make Easier Money From Your Client's Work - all the templates come with developer's rights so now you can create impressive squeeze pages in literally minutes!
• Explore Your Imagination with an Unlimited Flexibility - feel free to customize the templates however you want. Change the background image, colors and fonts to make it completely your own.

PLEASE NOTE: Because The License Does Not Allow Inclusion Of More Than 20% Of This Package In A Single Web Site The Portions Below Are Included In The Joint Venture Marketing Package!

We Told You Not To Buy This Product Because...

We Were Buying It For You And Adding It To The Joint Venture Marketing, Extreme Niche Combo, and The Super Combo Package So You Could Download It For Free! 

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JV Secrets 2.0
(8 High-Quality Video Tutorials)

Discover The Secret Of Driving Massive
Amounts Of Server Crushing Traffic
Without Spending Any Time Or Money...

And Learn How To Build Your Business
From Scratch Again If You Were To
Lose Your List, Blog or Sites Tomorrow!

What are JV partnerships?

It's when two or more marketers come and work together. Whether to build a list and send cross promotions or promote each other's products. It's how much value you put out there for the other person without expecting anything in return.

Nothing Beats The Power Of Joint Ventures!

What You Will Learn In This Course:

• Why Joint Venture is the best traffic and revenue building method? - discover why it's one of the best known methods to generate massive traffic to build your list and profits
• Joint Ventures: 10 years ago and today (talk about how much JV climate has changed) - What used to work previously doesn't work in this day and age. Find out what has changed and how to avoid this pitfalls
• Why Joint Venture Partners say 'no' to your JV offer - Figure it out before you make your own mistakes and lose out on a great JV deal.
• How to get JV Partners to say 'yes' to your JV offer - How to get your JV's attention and make them trust you.
• Building up your profile and credibility before approaching JVs - What you need to do before you approach any JV's. It gives you an added advantage and a higher chance of getting accepted.
• Where to find potential JV Partners (Skype, FB, Forums, Email List, Sites like JVNotifyPro - Find out the best places to look for JV Partners who will push you to become a successful online marketer
• Other types of Joint Ventures (talk about ad swaps, cross-promotions, integration) - Learn different ways to work together as JV partners and how do you take advantage of that.
• How to be a highly profitable JV Broker - How to become a middleman and make deals when you have nothing to start with you. It's all about the hustle.

Click Here To Read More!



Giveaway Pro!

Easily Create And Manage Giveaway Events
& Explode Your Mailing List With This
Giveaway Manager Software!

What This Amazing Software Does:

• Easily create a professional giveaway event without having to worry about technical issues such as tracking of clicks, subscribers etc.
• Experience increased web traffic to your webpage and expand your mailing list easily
• Increase your profits made at your giveaway by simply offering an irresistible one-time offer!
• This software generates one simple script that you can install to effectively create your giveaway event for you
• Effectively track and monitor your giveaway's activities and identify the partner who is delivering you results in both sales and visitors.
• And Much Much More!



Pro Joint Ventures!

How To Become An Expert In Joint Ventures!

How you can master joint ventures to skyrocket your income and build instant credibility! Insider secrets to finding and securing profitable joint ventures in your niche market! How to instantly attract lucrative JV offers from seasoned marketers! What you need to know about joint ventures to ensure that you get a fair deal! The easiest way to effectively manage joint ventures and partnerships And Much, Much More!



JV Partner Support!

Running A Successful JV Program!

Now You Can START Setting Your Horizons
Higher Now That You’ve Got That Online
Business Of Yours Off The Ground!

When you claim your copy of JV Partner Support - Running A Successful JV Program , you’ll be getting a complete A-Z solution for running a JV program.

You’ll learn:

• What is a Joint Venture Partnership?
• What’s The Big Advantage?
• The Single Most Vital Thing You Can Do
• Top 8 Mistakes
• The Fire Sale
• Choosing Your Potential Partner
• Finding Your First JV Partner
• Why Warrior Forum?
• Another Overlooked But Highly Effective Source Of JV Partner Leads
• “Do I Have To Try Their Product?”
• What Traits Should You Look For In A JV Partner?
• Researching Your Potential JV Partner
• Building A Relationship
• Making Your Offer
• 2 Tools You Can Use
• Dealing With Rejection
• Letting Your List and Marketing Peers Know
• Who Handles What
• Joint Ventures: Tips For Successful Partnerships
• Plus much more



Joint Venture Revealed!

Hit Your Mark With Profitable Joint Ventures!

One of the best ways to reach more people in your target products on the Internet without having to do really do anything, other than having a good product, is by creating joint venture partnerships with other businesses.

Joint ventures are the ultimate form of no-risk advertising because your partners do all of the marketing for you in exchange for a share of the profits. You only have to pay when a sale is made.

Joint ventures operate just like your normal affiliate program except that in a normal affiliate program only about 10% -15% of your affiliates will actually do any selling. These 10% -15 %of your affiliates will account for 85% - 90% of your sales. The other 80% of your affiliates will have sales that trickle in from time to time and some will never make any sales at all.

So, logically, in order to operate a more successful affiliate marketing campaign you need "super affiliates." When we use the term "super affiliates" we are talking about joint venture partners who have the marketing know-how and resources to sell a large volume of your product or service on a consistent basis.



Joint Venture Revealed!

Easily Find Boat Loads Of Strategic Alliances
To Build You A Long Term Business Profit!

This book covers everything there is to know about Joint Venture. In fact, some people have called it the "JV Professor"!

It's like having your very own JV consultant that you can refer and ask questions anytime that you need to!

You'll also be able to uncover a wide array of tips including interesting facts, insight tips, secret techniques and tactics that made them what they are today!

You're going to discover so many things on how to use simple, brief and precise guidelines that will take you step-by-step to guide you about how to write a compelling JV letter and find them to partner with you anytime! Not only will you learn all the benefits and advantages of learning to all the legalities and tools on joint venturing, but you'll also learn the extra bonus tips to actually teach people.



JV Rockstar Secrets (Video Series)!

Want To Learn The Secrets To Successful JV's?

Here is your chance to finally build your business and make the cash your products and services you deserve with these powerful joint venture Rockstar secrets.

Fed up with struggling to find affiliates and promotional partners.

Sick of working hard, but because you have no list, no name or no credibility...

You can't find anyone to promote your products?

Ready to finally start making the money you deserve?

You need to find highly profitable JV partnerships.

Joint ventures can be extremely profitable, most have no idea how to locate hungry super affiliates.

Fortunately, there are ways for unknowns to get JV partners with.

High-traffic lists and massive user bases who will buy anything they promote.

This video series will teach you how to properly find JV partners that bring positive results without requirements of big list, big name, big money to pay upfront.

  • Can score high-end JVs and super affiliates in their niche.

  • How to create the king of sales tools high-end affiliates absolutely love.

  • And need prior they even decide to promote your product.

  • How and where to find and hire get super-affiliates.

  • How to find JV partners via Ezine directories.

  • Why offering higher commission will make you more money in the long-term.

  • How gaining extraordinary JV contests can boost your JV traffic overnight.

  • Position your offer to sell for less, but obviously earn more cash.

  • How to write the perfect JV prospect email to get JVs to contact you.

  • and MORE!



Finding JV Partners!

Tips And Strategies To Finding
A Great Joint Venture Partnership!


  • The Importance of the Right JV Partners

  • Google Search for JV Partners

  • 5 Places to Find Joint Venture Partners

  • Risks And Rewards In A Joint Venture

  • Can Facebook Help You Find JV Partners?

  • The Wrong Joint Venture Partner

  • What Joint Venture Partners Offer You

  • Exploring Joint Ventures

  • Directories and Networks for JV Partners

  • Finding Local Joint Venture Partners

  • Asking for Referrals for Joint Venture Partners

  • Following Through In A Joint Venture

  • Know What You Have To Offer Joint Venture Partners

  • Making Your Offer To Partners

  • Using Telemarketing To Create A Joint Venture

  • Using Joint Venture Software

  • What Makes Your Joint Venture Offer Different?

  • Why Are Joint Partners Saying No?

  • Turn to Your Contacts

  • Limiting Your Joint Venture Options

  • Online Forums for Online Joint Ventures

  • Joint Venture Opportunities

  • Will Joint Venture Partners Find You?

  • Twitter and Joint Venture Partners

  • Starting A Joint Venture?



Dennis Sim's Joint Venture Revealed

"Discover How To Tap Into The Single Most Powerful
Method You Can Use To Increase Your Leads, Sales
And Reputation Manifold... For FREE!"

If You Have Been Struggling Really Hard To
Explode Your Sales And Leads Or You're On A
Shoe-String Budget To Invest In Paid Marketing
Tactics, Then This Is The Most Important Letter
You Will Ever Read.

Have you ever heard of the old saying, "It's not what you know but who you know that matters"? Internet Marketing is the embodiment of that saying. Established Internet marketers have spent years building lists of potential customers so they certainly know the right people to market to.

The new marketers, on the other hand, can shortcut their curve by gaining access to those lists of the right people in order to break into the Internet marketing arena and Joint Ventures (or JV in short) are the way to do that very thing.

Here are just five (5) of the overwhelming number of benefits available in a Joint Venture with an established Internet marketer for the newcomers:

  • Access to a potential customer base that would otherwise be inaccessible. Established Internet marketers have lists of customers that would be most likely to purchase the product or service you are selling.

  • The possibility of establishing a good working relationship with an established Internet marketer that could turn into an ongoing and mutually profitable arrangement.

  • Associating yourself with a successful partner can help to establish credibility for you and open many doors. Your Joint Venture partners' credibility will be passed on to you simply by association.

  • A Joint Venture can help you to build your own opt-in list. The all important opt-in list is the backbone of Internet marketing. Building lists takes years but with a successful Internet marketer as a Joint Venture partner, you can cut the time needed in half.

  • You will be guaranteed a much larger response to your new product or service than you could ever hope to generate on your own.

Moral of the story? A Joint Venture is the best and quickest way for a new Internet marketer to become established - in a cost free fashion!

Click Here To Read More!



Confessions of a Renegade Joint-Venture Broker

“How To Shovel Hordes Of Traffic To Your Sites
Even If You Have NO List And Don’t Have a CENT
To Spend On Advertising!!!”

Read On To Discover Willie Crawford’s Renegade Secrets To Setting Up HUGE Joint Venture Deals That’ll Pad Your Bank Account For YEARS To Come!

This one-hour audio goes through the critical steps you need to take to create huge joint venture deals so you can get OTHER people to sell your product for you!

You won’t find this information in ANY textbook. And the stuck-up professors residing in the Ivory Tower of today’s universities are absolutely CLUELESS about these strategies.

Believe me, this is player material! Pure and simple. Willie Crawford revealed TONS of tips on how to build relationships with other marketers, the secret to approaching people in seminars, and how to structure your joint-venture deal.

In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say these strategies are mandatory to your internet marketing business. The marketers who are “lone rangers” are the ones who get “left behind” in the internet marketing race!


  • The secret to using leverage to develop killer joint ventures (This is something most “newbie” marketers don’t realize that could catapult your chances of making HUGE money with joint-ventures!)
  • How Russell’s Dad made over $6000 in a single month as a joint-venture broker – the BEST way to get into internet marketing if you have NO experience!
  • The secret to pitting other marketers against each other when promoting a product (you’d be surprised at how competitive some marketers are…and how it can make your wallet fatter!)
  • The 3 levels you need to classify potential joint-venture broker partners (This is something almost ALL JV searchers fail to do!)
  • Why the “big guy” with the “big list” won’t necessarily make you the most money (It depends on this one BIG DARN factor!)
  • How to develop killer relationships with potential marketers (Relationships are the #1 Key to making a huge joint-venture deal!)
  • Should you set up a legal agreement with a joint-venture partner? Here’s the TRUTH about whether or not you need to draw up an agreement (HINT: it depends on who your JV’ing with!)
  • How to find people to sell your products (most look in the WRONG places and come up dead-empty!!!)
  • The one type of direct mail to send potential JV partners that’ll get his/her attention. (The days of sending a plain-ol envelope are OVER!)
  • How to eliminate the hassles of what affiliate domain you want the person promoting your product to use. (It only takes eight bucks!)
  • What to look for in a product to promote (Believe it or not, there are a lot of CRAPPY products…the key is separating the wheat from the chaff!)
  • How to reach 90% of the marketplace most promoters will overlook (Russell and Willie use this strategy ALL the time when a huge product launch takes place!)
  • How many emails your JV partner should send out (Willie tested this over and over again—over 90% of your sales will come from this many emails!)
  • The statistics you need to present to your potential JV partner (Willie won’t TOUCH a product if he doesn’t have this vital stats!)
    and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

Click Here To Read More! 



Million Dollar Deals For The One Man Operation

Discover How You Too Can Launch Your Products
To Millions Of Hungry Customers Through
The Power Of Joint Ventures!

When I first started out in online business (almost seven years ago now) it always intrigued me to see marketers go out and pull a circulation of half a million potential views for their products just by getting themselves ten or fifteen deals with other marketers. Half a million targeted, almost guaranteed to be interested, ready to buy viewers, customers even. Wow. Imagine what that would do for your business.

So how did they do it?

Well that's what I wanted to know too, especially as I was on a budget and didn't have much cash to hand, meanwhile they were doing all this for free. So I went around and bought courses, bought info products, bugged people in the know with all sorts of questions.

The methods they were using all seemed suspiciously similar.

They'd say to me, it's easy. Go check out google (or yahoo, and what's now known as back in the day) and search for 'Online Business'. Then all you have to do is find the people who are successful, and e-mail them with your offer.

Something wasn't right here. What was it?

Click Here To Read More!



Partnering With The Big Dogs!

What Do All The 5-Figure, 6-Figure and
7-Figure Launches Have In Common -
And How Do YOU Get Yours?

“Amazing New Report Rips The Lid Off The Internet Marketing
Mega-Launches As Big-Dog Insider Reveals The Truth About Joint
Ventures - And How YOU  Can Use Them To Build Your Business,
Expand Your Customer Base & Skyrocket Your Online Profits -
Starting Almost Immediately!”

Not only is Doug Champigny's Partnering With The Big Dogs! full of helpful hints on how find the perfect joint venture partner, how to write the proposal, how to construct a business plan, and how to develop an effective exit strategy, but you'll get the real facts about joint ventures and learn how to develop the right planning and implementation, what a joint venture truly is (or at least, should be) and how to increase your web traffic, expand your customer base, and most importantly, skyrocket your PROFITS!

 Click Here To Read More!



Gift Manager Pro

The Ever Growing Number Of
JV Giveaways Makes It Hard To Keep Track...

Losing Track Of Your Gifts
Can Cost You Time And Money!

Get Organized With 'Gift Manager Pro'!

This Is A Gift Managing Script Every JV Giveaway Contributor Needs!

JV Giveaways are a hit. If you want to build a a mailing list fast, they're the way to go!

But with the ever growing number of giveaways, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of all your contributions, and their results...

If you haven't got an extensive database system for your gifts, you will lose.

And here's where Gift Manager Pro comes in.

With 'Gift Manager Pro' You Can Keep Track Of Every Contribution To Every Single Giveaway!


  • Predefined database tables so you can start storing information about your contributions
  • Store info about the giveaways, your gift, your OTO,... Analyze results by taking note of number of referrals, subscribers and conversion rates.
  • Incredibly powerful search function that enables you to seek and find your data by any field.
  • Maybe the best part of this revolutionary tool is that you don't need any database experience at all to be able to create a gift-database that fits your needs! If you're server supports PHP, then you are all set to go.
  • List/view/edit every single field with just one click.

Conversion rates, ranking, number of referrals...YOU Name it. Any information that you want to manage and organize can easily be at your finger tips.

 Click Here To Read More!



Super JV Secrets

Never Before Revealed Information!

An in depth report on joint ventures has been generated to give you the facts about this amazing new marketing strategy. The most recent research will be discussed along with helpful hints in how find the perfect joint venture partner, how to write the proposal, how to construct a business plan, and how to develop an effective exit strategy.

Finally a one of a kind guide that answers all the questions the investor, marketer, or webmaster would have. Filled with informative literature the reader will get the real facts about joint ventures and learn how to develop the right planning and implementation of them. You will learn what a joint venture is and you will learn how to increase you web traffic, your customer base, and most important, your profits.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide:

  • Just what a joint venture is and how you can use a joint venture whether you have a product to sell or not.
  • The reasons a joint venture is essential for your business growth and prosperity.
  • How to find the right joint venture partner that is compatible with your interests and products.
  • Joint venture secrets that will immediately boost online sales.
  • How to write a joint venture proposal and business plan that will protect both you and your partner.
  • You will learn how to use face to face encounters as your number one resource in locating potential joint venture partners.
  • Essentials joint venture advice regarding your vision, creativity, and persistence while participating in a joint venture.
  • How to set up competitive barriers toward your competition and stay on top of your game.
  • How to use free products to set up your own joint venture.
  • Personal success stories that will give you inspiration to start your own joint venture as soon as you read them.
  • And a lot more!

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Striking Joint Ventures Made Easy

"How To Tap Into The Greatest Leverage Of All Times In Internet Marketing To Boost Your Sales, Build Your Leads At Warp Speed, Become Recognized Instantly - FREE!"

Have you ever heard of the old saying, "It's not what you know but who you know that matters"? Internet Marketing is the embodiment of that saying. Established Internet marketers have spent years building lists of potential customers so they certainly know the right people to market to.

The new marketers, on the other hand, can shortcut their curve by gaining access to those lists of the right people in order to break into the Internet marketing arena and Joint Ventures (or JV in short) are the way to do that very thing.

You may have your product, service or offer ready by now - and you are in a real essence one step away from achieving the dome of explosive sales, leads and instant credibility. As long as you can figure out the mechanisms of a successful Joint Venture!

Inside This Manual, Discover:

  • How you can increase your chances of getting hard hitting partners to say "YES" to your Joint Venture proposal most of the time! (Hint: the fact is that while you can't get every single marketer to say "YES", you can improve the odds even though you have no list or "weight" to your name just yet!)
  • The single most important thing you must know about your potential partners before approaching them with your Joint Venture proposal tucked neatly under your arm pits - easily more than 90% of the novice marketers today are ignorant of this fact and that's the reason why they get ignored, too!
  • The one and only rule of thumb that can be responsible for your next break through in Internet Marketing!
  • What your potential partner really, really means when he or she says "I'm too busy" - and how you can tackle that problem as if it's an easy feat!
  • The three (3) important things your potential Joint Venture partners often look in you and your offer, whether they're aware of it or not - and how you can best prepare yourself to fulfill all these three criteria because the moment you submit a Joint Venture proposal, your potential partners immediately become the Judge Dredd of your Internet Marketing success!
  • What to look for in a potential Joint Venture partner before approaching him or her! (Hint: this is more important than you think if you want to improve your chances of getting a "yes" from a powerful partner-in-success!)
  • The 2 step system to approaching and recruiting Joint Venture partners for success!
  • All of what you need to prepare before even getting started! (Hint: Mess this up and so will the rest of your Joint Venture Partner recruitment drive!)
  • Some of the Internet's re-known powerful resources you can use to organize your Joint Ventures for maximum profits!
  • How to architect your Joint Venture partner compensation plan and benefits for a pure win-win situation!
  • How to recruit powerful Joint Venture partners massively!
  • How to get the most and take advantage of this powerful cost-free leverage in launching your next best-selling product and building your list! (Oh, and don't forget the instant credibility you can create with their subscribers and customers, too!)
  • And much, much more!

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Instant Auto Profits

Download Your Free Report...And Discover How I Made $1000 In 2 Days Using The Power Of Forums and Joint Ventures!

Robin´s report is a 15 page case study revealing How He Made $1000 In 2 Days Using The Power Of Forums and Joint Ventures To Sell 5 Dollar Marketing Templates!

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JV Giveaway Package

JV Giveaway events are becoming more popular everyday. No wonder...if you play it right, you can profit big!

To become a successful JV Giveaway marketer, you don't have to be a rocket scientist, but it does take some knowledge to do it right.

The package you'll find on this page contains everything you need to maximize your JV Giveaway results. No way you can live without!

Included Products:

  • All There Is To Know About JV Giveaways - This report will tell you everything there is to know about JV Giveaway events. A must read for every member and JV partner.
  • JV Giveaways Checklist - This brand new report outlines every single step to take to get ready to run a successful JV Giveaway campaign and add hundreds of subscribers to your mailing list in a very short period of time!
  • JV Giveaway Squeeze Pages in-A-Box - Simply add your gift details to these squeeze page templates and you can have your gift listed in the JV Giveaway events in no-time!

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The High Rollers Guide To Joint Ventures

"Wouldn't You Like To Know The Secrets That
The Top Gurus Use To Successfully Contact
And Get Accepted By Joint Venture Prospects
That Push Their Product Sales Into The Millions?"

Even if you've never done a single joint venture, I've got the exact
step-by-step information you need to get in with with some of the best
joint venture partners possible, and I'm going to reveal everything to you!

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Easy JV & Affiliate Manager

Need some help running and tracking your joint ventures?

Easy JV & Affiliate Manager is a software program that is
installed on your server. It will track and manage all of
your joint ventures for you without you lifting a finger.

Here are just a few key features:

  • No text files to edit

  • Full admin area to keep track of all of your JV partners

  • Full tracking of hits, sales, referral URLs, etc. for your JV partners in the JV area

  • Ad tracking technology for your JV partners to use

  • Can run on two tiers

  • Can integrate with any payment processor for sales tracking.

  • Paypal split-pay instant commission technology

  • Everything (emails, JV area HTML, etc..) can be edited by the admin

  • And much more...

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With Joint Venture Secrets
You'll Discover How You Can
Launch Your Products To Millions
Of Hungry Customers Through The Power
Of Rewarding Joint Venture Marketing!

Full start to finish, tried and tested, joint venture guide.

Proven methods of the successful joint venture.

From your introduction and getting noticed, to your follow-up and securing your future and everything in between.

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Get "How To Do Joint Ventures
The Correct Way"
PDF eBook and...

"Discover The Secrets Of
Joint Ventures Done Correctly
and Launch Your Products To Untold
Thousands Of Hungry Customers The Easy Way"

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Need some help running and tracking your joint ventures?

"Here's The Easiest Way For You To Set Up, Track, And Automate Virtually All Aspects Of Your Joint Venture Marketing Campaigns!"

- Don't Do Another Joint Venture Without JV Affiliate!..

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50 Ways To Successfully Contact And Get Accepted
By Joint Venture Prospects That Can Push Your
Product Launch Ad Circulation Into The Millions
- Even If You've Never Joint Ventured Before!

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Find out how to compete with the
"big gurus"
, and you'll be able to build
your business extremely FAST with little or NO cost!

The resources you will find in this 110 page
information packed PDF eBook are the outcome of
my hours and hours of research on joint ventures.

What are YOU waiting for?
I'm handing you the ultimate guide to building your
website traffic, building your mailing list, networking
with successful marketers, growing your business, and much more!

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Automate all your joint ventures and firesales

Finally.... An All-In-One System That Runs ALL Your Joint Ventures On Autopilot

...And makes you lots of money as you team up with your Joint Venture Partners

If you market ANY products or services on the internet, then you are missing out on big bucks if you never get into into alliance with other marketers who share the same interests as you do. A Joint Venture (or just JV) can produce dramatic windfalls of quick cash when marketers pool their resources together for mutual benefit.

Until now, a lot of internet marketers (including me) have been at a loss on how to run Joint Ventures simply because we did not have the right tools to do so. We had to combine so many expensive scripts spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and even then, these did not adequately meet our needs.

Whether Your Joint Venture Involves Selling Time-Limited Products, One-Time Offers, FireSales or Just Signups

You can now automate your entire JV with JV FireSale Automator...

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Million Dollar Deals For The One Man Operation!

Everything you're about to read is tried and
tested material. This will apply to your business
not just once, but for many years to come. It's an
investment not just for today, but far into the future.

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Here's A Complete Package Summary!



The Vast Majority Of Products Come With MRR and/or PLR!
(If It Has Different Rights It Is Noted With The Product Listing)
35 Joint Venture Resources $17.00
100 Joint Venture Marketing Secrets! (Added 2012) $9.95
All There Is To Know About JV Giveaways (Added 2008) (Read More) $9.97
Confessions of a Renegade JV Broker (Added 2008) (Read More) $27.00
Dennis Sim's Joint Venture Revealed (Added 2009) (Read More) $47.00
Easy JV & Affiliate Manager (Read More) $47.00
Easy Mobile Squeeze Pages - Part 5 (2 Squeeze Pages In 5 Stylish Variations) [Bonus & Developer Rights] (Added 2015) (Read More)

Package includes:
• Squeeze Page 9: Majesty Bulb In 5 Stylish Variations
• Squeeze Page 10: Wood Le Beau In 5 Stylish Variations

Finding JV Partners! (Added 2010) $16.00
First Joint Venture Coach! (Added 2010) $9.95
Gift Manager Pro (Added 2008) (Click Here To Read More) $17.00
Giveaway Pro (Added 2013) $37.00
How To Do Joint Ventures The Correct Way $47.00
Instant Auto Profits (Added 2008) (Read More) NA
Joint Venture Magnum $147.00
Joint Venture MOJO (Added 2009) $27.00
Joint Venture Revealed! (Added 2012) $37.00
Joint Venture Secrets! (Added 2011) $47.00
Joint Ventures Inside & Out $97.00
JV Affiliate Manager (Read More) $147.00
JV Bullseye [Bonus] (Added 2013) $9.95
JV Firesale Automator (Read More) $197.00
JV Giveaway Avalanche! (Added 2011) $17.00
JV Giveaways Checklist (Added 2008) (Read More) $9.97
JV Giveaway Squeeze Pages in-A-Box (Added 2008) (Read More) $9.97
JV Giveaway Tactics! (Added 2010) $9.95
JV List Builder (Added 2015) (Read More) $27.95
JV Marketing Tactics $19.00
JV Mastery For Massive Traffic! (Added 2012) $9.95
JV Partner Support (Added 2013) $27.00
JV Rockstar Secrets (Video Series)! (Added 2011) $97.00
JV Secrets 2.0 (8 High-Quality Video Tutorials) (Added 2013) (Read More) $77.00
JV Secrets Quick Start Guide! (Added 2011) $9.95
JV Spawner (Added 2017) (Read More) $9.95
Million Dollar Deals For The One Man Operation (Added 2008) (Read More) $97.00
Partnering With The Big Dogs! (Added 2008) (Read More) $27.00
Pro Joint Ventures (Added 2013) $9.95
Simple Guide To Give Away Events! (Added 2012) $9.95
Simple Joint Venture Secrets (Added 2016) (Read More)

Package includes:
• Simple Joint Venture Secrets eBook
• Graphics
• Sales Page
• Squeeze Page
• 25 Articles

Simple JV Success (Added 2013) $9.95
Striking Joint Ventures Made Easy (Added 2008) (Read More) $37.00
Successful Joint Ventures Revealed $97.00
Super JV Secrets (Added 2008) (Read More) $27.00
The High Rollers Guide To Joint Ventures $37.00
The Internet Marketer's Guide To Joint Ventures [Resale Rights] (Added 2013) $27.00
Ultimate Joint Venture Software System $97.00
Viking JV Recruiting Package [Bonus] (Added 2017)

Package includes:
• Viking JV Recruiting eBook
• Viking JV Recruiting Video Tutorials
• Viking JV Recruiting Audio Tutorials
• Viking JV Recruiting Report


The Following Items Come With Giveaway Rights

7 Secrets to a Winning Team N/A
A Masterful LOW-KEY JV Approach – Deconstructed N/A
Compelling Joint Ventures Made Easy! N/A
Ezine JV Profits N/A
Ezine JV Secrets N/A
First Contact N/A
How To Get Rich Doing Joint Ventures N/A
Joint Venture eCourse N/A
Joint Venture Report N/A
Joint Ventures Revealed N/A
JV List Building Report N/A
Little Known Joint Venture Marketing Ideas Exposed N/A
Ricky Allen's Joint Ventures N/A
The Secret To Taking Your Joint Ventures To New Heights N/A

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